Euro Courts Devant 2014

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After last year succes, Courts Devant proposes a two days meeting, dedicated to european short movies. With important premiere : the C3PM, CoProduction PostProduction Market.

Created in 2004, Courts Devant [Paris Ile-de-France] is now the most important short films festival in Paris.
In 2013, Courts Devant starts the « Euro Courts Devant », European short films two days meetings, where short films people gather from all over Europe to share experiences, projects, build new ideas, and bridges between people and countries.
Concerned with providing solutions and concrete proposals to european producers, Euro Courts Devant builds up a co-production forum : C3PM (Co-Production Post-Production Market) that will present already shot short films, who need coproducers to achieve the postproduction.


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CRASH TEST – 9h/12h - 13h/15h (Reservation)
Four short films, symbolic of the opportunities and risks of international co-productions, will be screened and decrypted by their producers. Cross testimony of their experiences, facilitated by an experienced producer, will build up, beyond a factual analysis of the process, a true guide to the European coproduction of short films today.

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COUNTRY FOCUS - 16h/18h (sur réservation)
All about up to date public financing opportunities, and the reality of the production and distribution upon short films from an invited European country open to co-productions. An expert will present the opportunities and schemes, and interact with professionals attending subjet matter.


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THINK TANK - 9h30/12h30 (sur réservation)
Seeing further, inventing the Future... A working group (Short Film professionals, academics, researchers) will focus upon new strategies and tomorrow economic models for dissemination of short films, confronted with the multiplication of distribution channel.

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What role for the short film within the European Union ? What transnational tools should be developed to promote transnational collaborations ?(The topics of the round table is likely to evolve according to the news)

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The first coproduction market for short films post-production in Paris. Following a call for European short films under construction, we invite ten producers to screen and present their work in progress.
Already shot, but not completed, the projects holders will be looking for co-production in order to finish the post-production.
After the presentation, professionals (producers, broadcasters, distributors) can meet the project holders, and possibly plan partnerships or coproductions, during a friendly appetizer.
Support of UniFrance, France 3, Film Factory, will crown the best project.
The awards will be allocated to the project through the French co-producer engaged on the film.
• European countries, as defined by the Europe Creative program

C3PM (Co-Production Post-Production Market)

Eligibility of projects
• Short fiction, animation, or documentary films, maximum final length 20 mn, (including credits)
• Films presented by european production company.
• If the film is presented by a french production company, it has to already work with a non french european co-production company.
• Shooting finished (either for fiction or documentaries).
• Short films produced or coproduced mainly in Europe.
• The film must not have been screened in a movie theater in any commercial network, nor in any festival, nor broadcasted on any network, nor in VOD, nor in free access on the Internet.

Appliance file composition
THE PROJECTS (documents in french or in english)
• Synopsis (1 page)
• Direction and post production intention notes.
• Postproduction intention note, especially including what is needed.
• For sfx, storyboard of the concerned sequences if necessary.
• Total budget and funding already obtained.
• Screenwriter and director resumes.
• Producer, production and coproduction companies resumes.
• In the case of a request made by a french production company, copy of the coproduction contract with an non french european coproducer.

THE FILM (english subtitles, even for english speaking films)
• Work in progress (final image editing, with or without sound editing, mixing, colour grading, sfx, etc.) maximum lenght, 20 minutes.
• Screening format asked in case of selection : HD Quicktime file.

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