Boris Belghiti, Pierre Razetto, Dimitri Cohen-Tanugi, Maxime Paccalet – France – 2017 – 3’


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Notre truc, c’est le club de chasse. Il y a Bébert, moi, et les autres. On parle de chasse, partage des conseils et allons à la chasse ! Certaines balles se perdent parfois mais à la fin, ceux sont de bonnes anecdotes ..!

Well our thing is the hunting club. There is Bébert, there is me and there are all the others, you know. It’s about talking about hunting, sharing advices, and well, go hunting ! We do mess up a bit some times, we may lose some bullets, but in the end it makes good anecdotes.

Festival 2020

La Bande Annonce de la 15ème édition

Making of Bande Annonce